About Us

The Jamshri Ranjitsinghji Spinning and Weaving Mills was set up in 1907 by the Late Mr. Lalji Narayanji, who was an entrepreneur from Jamnagar. The Damani group acquired Jamshri in 1955, running the mill successfully, always maintaining stress on quality and customer satisfaction.

The company has declared permanent closure of manufacturing operations on 1st November 2018 and is now planning to venture into other activities, mainly real estate development by continuing to maintain focus on quality. The company's object clause has been amended as under, in the 110th AGM of the company held on 26/12/2018 at its registered office at Solapur.

"To carry on the business in the field of real estate, to acquire, buy, sell, take on lease, give on lease or otherwise deal in or dispose off immoveable property of all kinds, to deal in and develop lands, to erect, construct, build or to obtain on rental basis or give on rental basis any buildings, residential dwellings and colonies, office, commercial and industrial buildings, factories, mills, IT parks, SEZs, resorts, hotels, motels, restaurants, foods centers, cineplexes, multiplexes, family entertainment centers, amusement parks, shopping malls supermarkets, retail shopping centers, showrooms, car parks and parking for vehicles used in transport and logistics business, warehouses, cold storages facilities and other facilities and services required in the field of transport and logistics"

We are under the process of change, and the site will be updated accordingly, till then please bear with us. We are meanwhile attaching a link below to the video made by one of the new tenants on our company premises, Mahindra Integrated Business Solutions.